This is not some literary jargon neither is it a review (per se), it is just a testimonial to the awesomeness of one of my best Nigerian artistes.

When it comes to music in this country, what we find are mostly shake-your-bumbum songs with beats that make us move our bodies and Africans love these songs because we love to dance and be happy generally.

For Asa, Brymo, Frank Edwards, Beautiful Nubia and a few other musicians,I’d pay to attend their concerts. Darey is one of the few others. His song ‘Pray for me’ is a song I loved and listened to many times since it was released. I loved the beat, the language infusion (Yoruba),
the lyrics, everything! I would listen to the song and wonder what went through my father’s mind when he prayed for me when he was releasing me into the world to learn from life. I’d wonder whether he truly meant it when he said ‘I trust you’ll make the right choices, call me or send a text if you ever need advice’. So this song, like some others brought me closer to my parents who live miles away.

Then the video was released and the tears struggled to stay in my eyes. The video featured Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs who acted as parents to their son (Darey) who was tired of living with his parents and wanted to go to the city. These two are my model couple. I learn from their marriage, I stalk them, I admire them, I read their interviews, I LOVE them.
The different scenes – mother bonding with son, father warning son, mother’s love for son, son’s stubbornness, hitchhiking, Aduke’s growth, mother’s death, tough life in the city…- touched me deeply! I love the video with all my heart and even if it were a drab video, the presence of Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva would be just fine.
The Soweto voices did well, the video quality was wonderful, the locations were superb. This video wins it for me this month. My best video in May, no matter that the month isn’t yet over.

You can find the video here.


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