Help people who are truly in need: Be committed to a charitable cause, sponsor a scholarship, help a random person. Make someone happy.

Hang out with happy people. They will make you happy.

Dance naked: In the bathroom, in the bedroom, living room, kitchen. Dance even when there is no music. Dance whether or not you can dance.

Keep a diary, write about any event that made you happy. Go back to read that diary after a few months. You will definitely laugh when nostalgia floods in.

Love everyone, even those you should hate and those who take your love for granted. Just love, love, looooooove!

Spoil yourself. Ignore your account balance and buy that dress, that sexy lingerie, the shoe, bag, that thing you fancied.

Be a narcissist. Passing by a house with mirrors everywhere? Take a glance. Admire you. Smile, pout, make videos. You are beautiful.

Single and not dating? No hurry, no worry. Enjoy the life. Do not hustle for a boo. Boo will come when the time is right. You will not die if you don’t have a boo. Be comfortable living by yourself.

Fresh out of a relationship? Tough one. Cry all you want but no rebounds please! Refer to the above advice. You will not die if…

Be goofy. It is allowed. Make prank calls. Never fail to tell those you love that you love them.

If your account balance is empty…don’t worry, be happy…but make sure you are NEVER idle.

Finally, READ everything readable!

I love, love, love you all.




  1. lol no offence, but I think you mean How to be happy for a really really short time, and I think you made a list of things that regularly don’t occur.
    Nonetheless, your list made me smile although I doubt I’d be able to afford to sponsor a scholarship or see a house with mirrors or dance when no music is playing or ignore account balance and shop.


    1. Dear Oluchee,
      This is actually what keeps me happy. Of course, it’s simply a formula out of many others but I am confident that this can keep one happy for a very long time.
      It is quite easy to dance when there’s no music. You just play your own music and be happy. I believe that we are limitless when it comes to doing things and all it takes is to know that we can, rather than cannot do these things.
      Everything is extremely possible.
      I’m starting to sound like a motivational speaker, I know. It’s just my own recipe for happiness.
      I’d love to learn the reasons behind your opinion though.
      Thank you for stopping by.🙌

      Liked by 1 person

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