I tell anyone who calls me one, that I’m not a writer.
I think people who are called writers are those who take writing serious. I only write when my emotions are in sync with my fingers and most of the things I write are left unread for years and this blog is a reflection of my personality.

I decided to post some of my unedited and unfinished poems on the blog for a short while because some kind hearted writers have loved some of my posts, offered to edit and gone ahead to submit in some monthly publications. It’s amazing!
So if you are led by the spirit, you can use what I post as skeleton for yours, edit, add some more lines or stanzas if you want and post on your blog with a link to my blog. There’ll be a new category called ‘SNIPPETS’ so you can just go there to find my unfinished works in case you miss my updates.

All posts on this blog are mine (©Aidee Erhime)unless otherwise indicated.
This one is titled ‘FRIEND ZONE’

“Let us speak of the day you died
The day the night came when the sun shone
When we danced to the ryhthm of the roll
Then wrote on your tomb
Here lies Aries
Queen of the friend zone”

Instagram: Aidee.Erhime
Twitter: @AideeErhime
Facebook: Aidee Erhime


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