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The Forward Life

Few minutes ago, I was anxiously waiting in a boardroom to present a business proposal to members who would decide whether or not I would get the funding I need. To kill the anxiety a little bit, I responded to chats with a friend who used to be more. I said to him, 

Aidee: I’ll be 25 on Saturday:|

Friend: Happy birthday love

Aidee: I’m still 24.

Friend: You 25 in a few days time

Aidee: I really want to be 22.

Friend: “Life is forward”;)

Aidee: 😂😂 bullseye.

Bullseye because he had previously asked me to be his wife to which I responded “We can’t be together as lovers. Life is forward. Can’t hold on to the past…I thought we were over this talk and understood where we both stood.” 

Now I’m laughing at how my words were thrown back at me to remind me that life is indeed forward and that growth is bound to happen. My thought pattern at 24 has greatly improved compared to when I was 22 and so there really is no need to be afraid of being 25 because experiences gathered in the past years have led me to this point where I can comfortably talk with decision makers and so I came up with this reminder: as long as my eyes are set on my goals and I do not allow minor distractions to take my eyes off, as long as I do not compare the life I now live with the life some other more achieved lady lives, as long as I stay happy with myself, love my body and understand how to take care of me, as long as I continue to leave great marks in places I go to, as long as I learn to live for myself and hold on to my faith… then life will continue to be forward and better as age increases. 

This note is for me and for any other who feels that life is happening too fast. 


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​I miss you, I find words to say that I do but words fail to express a certain feeling and people say it is called love – never expressly expressed and coming out as jargon so you find the scattered pieces and try to make sense of anything. 

In my lover, I’d see a gap that needs to be filled and promises that may never see fruition and in me, a fear that life’s unfairness would happen again…but I miss you and a kiss shared would prove that my strength may find flapping wings and escape to the skies, leaving me to the mercy of your kiss and memories of a love that went sour. 


I miss you

I miss you

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