I don’t know what it feels like to have an older sister. 

The sisters I’ve seen make it look like older sisters are cool, they take good care of their younger ones, give you their clothes, bla-bla but I don’t know what it feels like, and mama is not doing a good job of being a sister. 

Sister that texts, “Erisco, Saturday is for mama. Anything for the girl?”, is that one older sister? 

If sending annoying messages that eventually make me laugh 😂 and promise myself that I will ensure she never suffers, is her own version of being an older sister, I don’t want. Take your sister love, bring back my mama! 

All I feel for this woman who knows how to be happy regardless, is love, love, love. 

Mothers deserve the best – for the unending prayers, calls, annoying-yet-hilarious texts, for all the love 💓and care, I celebrate mama today, everyday, forever.

I’m recruiting.


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