Nigeria annoys me.
Allow me to rant please. I am so tired of living here and pretending to be content. Nigeria is not for my kind. 

For years, I have watched people settle into a life of ‘e go better’. We are a hopeful lot. As long as we live to see the next day, we stay hopeful. We are steadily killing each other yet, we are hopeful that someday, things will be better. 

I do not make hopeful friends, I am restless and I fear for me. You see because I have spent the weekend dancing away depressing thoughts.

 The situation is depressing. All you have to do is look through social media handles of average Nigerians. Everyone wants someone to stand and fight. They complain “there’s no power, no water, no adequate healthcare system, government official are looting public funds, we need a saviour! Hey you, be our saviour for we shall stand behind you” so someone decides to fight, for you dammit, and you look the other way. 

I am angry, let me throw tantrums.

Nigeria kills creativity. The headlines bear news of that nine year old who built a robot. It ends there, news agencies carry headlines, newspapers sell, money is made. 

Myopic set of egocentric occupants! 

How long will your money last for? How long will it be worth anything, this money you hoard? Young people sit and try to bring up innovative things, their brains are shut down by the system – no power, no support. You want a business proposal? Take it, shove it up your ass. You care only about yourself and how the world views you, that’s fine except our generation won’t end here and when we live our lives, we really should take into consideration what will be said of us. 

I’m starting to blab.

You see, our problem is with the silly man who comes down from a taxi to allow a lady in, not because he is a gentleman but because it is an abomination to sit, as a man, between two ladies. The problem is with those ones who call community meetings only to discuss how to get funds from the government which will eventually be shared amongst them. Woe betides that small boy who challenges them. Do you not know that the old must rule before the new?

Our peers are breaking barriers in other regions and we are left with facing our challenges headlong. 

You have an idea? You want a startup? And you are there waiting for me to give you money? Opportunity? You are not serious! My friend, go and find money to buy a generator. NEPA is not for your kind. When you blow, be sure to inform us so we send your story to the news company, have you shake hands and take a photo with one of us, make headlines and go your way. 

Let the headlines bear news of us helping the sick, not preventing the cause; donating generators, not finding lasting solutions; giving out money, not providing jobs.

E no go better for everybody, life na per head, you go your own and I go my own…this is our reality.



What do you think?

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