The reality is, no one really has the time to sit and listen every time. Everyone is on a journey to self fulfilment and therefore, hates to be drawn back by the constant ‘nagging’ of another.

“We are on different journeys”, we say, ” and we wish you the best in finding your path but we have dreams too, and we cannot wait for you.  Be brave, be strong, you’re not the only one, we’ve been there too but you don’t find us complaining everyday. Where’s your positivity?”

This is the reality. There are friends and there are doctors and there is you.

We can’t always be there but we can understand its existence and learn that not everyone can handle it like we do and it’s fine. 

We have our lives too and we understand you. We won’t judge you when you go to see a doctor but we do not promise to always be there when you need to spill the content of your mind because humanity is moving and our selfish selves do not want to be left  behind. We also have learned to manage ours.

We are aware that you exist and when we can, we shall help but after the social media trend, we return to our lives and leave you to yours, therefore don’t count on us because while we define ‘busy’ in our way, someone’s definition of ‘busy’ is ‘listening to you’. 

Don’t be afraid to be friends with that person. Don’t be afraid to LIVE.

I wrote this sometime ago when a successful suicide got Nigerians talking about depression. Subsequent interviews with a few people proved the above write-up really is how people feel about depressed people. We say, ‘talk to us, we will listen’ and when they do decide to talk, we are busy living. No one really is to be blamed and though everyone needs someone, we must understand that human want are insatiable. 

This is for the man or woman who wonders why people are so selfish, this is for me who has found a voice in her pen, paper and mirror. Insensitive as it may sound, I hope someone understands where it comes from.

Meanwhile I’d like to wish a faithful subscriber, Mr Fash, a happy birthday today. God bless you.

I love you all.



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