Just now, I want to cry on someone’s shoulder and be told that this phase is normal and that as usual, I will pass through this like the boss that I am. That is what I tell myself every time my boat hits a rock – let us get this boat moving, the Holy Spirit and I – but I see that I am still at my friend’s, in his bedroom while the rest are in the sitting room playing computer games. I am with his laptop so may just as well type out my frustration and maybe dump it in the draft bin where others like it are.

Ninety-eight percent of my friends are creative people, businessmen who come together to discuss and shape our thinking with books and ideas. Just this week, I watched my very active friend who is the liveliest of us all, fall into the zone. His mood swung and I missed him a lot but I understood what he was going through. I have been there, we all have and though they seem to not have that dark side, the businessmen we admire actually do get frustrated sometimes.

My diary is full of business ideas which I had thought of since 2009. I understand that I cannot possibly do all of the stuff I have written there, so I write out my ideas and share some with people I feel would do something about it while I face the one thing I know I am good at.

Some weeks ago, I was speaking with O when I mentioned an idea that had crossed my mind. It was one of those things I knew I would eventually venture into when my current project is at a stable phase. O was so impressed, he offered to help engineer it all. He could see the big picture and knowing the challenges involved as well as the need for me to stay focused with my current project, he offered to help use his programming and engineering skills to lay the foundation for this new idea so that when I am ready, we would have something to work on. O has kept to his word. In between his busy work schedule, he works on my project. O is the one I call ‘My Angel’, a friend indeed.

Today however, I stumbled on a post where someone came up with a similar idea and has put it in the market. This is not as much as a threat to me as the challenges I currently face. I think it is the fact that those who came up with this have opportunities on such a beautiful platter and boast that they are tapping into a market that has never been tapped in the country. I am happy for them just as I am envious and it is hard to stay happy when I should be the one boasting of tapping into an untapped market.

I do understand that the first to tap into the market are the ones whose mistakes we learn from. I also know that if we play our cards well and take our time, we will eventually outrace them and become the big players. However, there is something about being the first. Take Indomie for instance, what do most Nigerians call noodles? Indomie. What about Cola drinks? Coke. We forget that there is something like pepsi-cola until the vendor says there is no Coca-cola. Every carbonated cola drink is a coke. This is a big deal for me.

I do not even know how to explain my frustrations but furiously typing this much has calmed me, at least and I am now in the mood to kickass so I’ll just end this rant here and go play video games.



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