Hey Mama,

If I was given the chance to create a mother for myself, I’d make a customized version of you, just for me.

Sister mine, today like every day, I thought of you. On my bed just now, I am thinking of you and you know what’s weird? It’s that you always know the wrong time to call and you will call despite my many warnings. I love you that way.

Nope, I won’t show her face.

Do you know that I miss you? You should. I miss the woman I once resented, but age does something to one’s understanding and he was right when he told me to not blame you. I love you.

We’ve had our falls, I still do not see you as a mother as much as I take you as a sister, the sister I love endlessly.

For your never-ending prayers, I love you. For your lively spirit, I love you. I never want to hear you cry except it’s for joy. 

You can’t imagine the extent I’d go to make you smile, crazy woman. You are perfect. You are beautiful. You are sister. You are mother.

One confession, when I feel down and you call to put pressure on me for any reason, I scold you but I laugh my heart out when the call ends. It’s your voice mama, it makes me happy. 

Gosh! I love you. I love you so much, I can’t stand the tears pouring out of my eyes while I type this. 

I am Erhime, your once annoying and rebellious first daughter. It did not look like I did but I saw you pray. I want to be that mother too, you know, who ensures her family prays. 

I felt the joy in your voice months back when I told you that I go to church and am taking my prayers seriously. You still call every Sunday to be sure. It’s you, mama. Your actions, not your words worked. 

I can’t blame you for the path you chose, for any mistakes you made, I can’t change you mama but I can work and pray that God blesses me for the woman who loved and cared for me. 

I love you endlessly mama.



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