How do blind dates work? I have been single for a minute and my friends have set me up countless times with people I do not know. I have gone on every date my friends set up for me and have not had good experiences with them. I remember the one my sister tried to set me up with, “he is a good guy, cool and generous. He just needs a companion. Do this, sis.” I thought it was worth the shot so we got talking, the man and I, but I got bored. Aidee is a dreamer, a playful dreamer. I hate mechanical conversations. I swear I  play too much but I am also a serious person. Fancy meeting a guy and talking about stuff like ‘so what do you do for a living?’.

Blind dates are a no-no for me. Tarfa tried last week, the devil almost used him but I serve a living God.  I just wonder how people successfully do it. I am no longer as uptight as I used to be so I allowed myself to be open to new things but this date thing just is not working for Aidee. Aidee wonders why.

I feel more comfortable among my friends. I have a feeling I will marry an already existing friend, someone who knows my crazy and my serious, someone who knows me and with whom I do not need to consciously enter a relationship with.

My friends are worried for me. Do I have a problem? Are there more people like me?

I wish I had the time to write longer but I am a very lazy writer fa and now that AEDC has decided to give us power, I want to work on Botafrik.



What do you think?

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