I have not had an employer in a long time. I have instead been the employer, paying a few people every month and ensuring they get paid on time. I am a good employer, an understanding one, a very strict one too. Work must be done so I am on everyone’s neck. I really do not think I am a bad leader, just a leader who likes to see things done. Imagine what I felt when I had to follow.

I am a teacher and I love children so I decided to volunteer in the Junior arm of my church. I was assigned to teach 5-6 year old children. Not such a big deal, I love them anyway despite all their ijogbon. I was on duty today and it is a rule that every worker should be in church for a meeting around 7.30am. For many reasons, I could not attend the meeting. I went late to church and this is where I had to ask myself again if I wanted to be a teacher.

I got queried, people! Aidee the bosslady got queried. I had to explain why I arrived late. I cannot even remember the last time I had a work query, I cannot remember when I last had to explain myself to anyone, not even Derrick.

After giving the lamest excuse, I felt bad. I felt the urge to type a longass apology on our whatsapp group. I would not tolerate wrong behavior from my team members yet I was giving an excuse. No one forced me to teach, I volunteered to. I should have known better than come up with a flimsy excuse for lateness. I initially felt the urge to walk away from it all but now when I remember my friend, a boss himself, I know I should learn to submit to other authorities.

This friend of mine is older and more experienced, he is described as arrogant by a few yet I see how he is devoted to his fraternity. Dude has taught me a lot without knowing.

I really do not know the exact point of all these. I guess someone somewhere will get it. I get it though. Bosses have bosses.


What do you think?

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