Growth is fun. Having to live through life, learning and making mistakes, taking responsibility, living and having fun, is fun. I do not remember how much fun I had when I was eighteen years old but Tarfa came to pay us a visit the other day and I told him about a project Clara and I were working on for teenagers.

“I am not a teenager but I do feel like one”, I said.

“You are always a teenager, Aidee”, he replied then he said something about how I always put myself in their shoes and try to understand what it is that they felt.

Some years back, no one would say that of me. Put myself in whose shoes? My shoes are enough trouble for me plix! But growing does that thing to a lady, yes?  A man too. This is how I have learned many other ways to listen, to respect what others feel and to know how much I am worth. I do not think I am at that level just yet, where I totally understand what it all means, but I am happy that I am at this phase where I can point at any of my friends and say of them, ‘this one has a hold of his life’.

Botafrik is here. Botafrik is one of my many dreams come true and so I want my 161st published blog post to be this – that I am grateful to be surrounded by beautiful friends, no, family and that I know what it means to love and be loved, to live and let live, to invest in a life, to make mistakes. I understand what it means to burn out, to focus on passion, to choose what is best, to give without expectation, to look in the mirror everyday and say to myself, “I AM ENOUGH”.




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