A plea for help – THANK YOU!

⁠⁠⁠I wrote a plea post sometime back when I had to cater to a young girl, Clara but was faced with many other responsibilities (Click here to read the post).
I’m so happy at the number of people who reached out and shared that post on their various chat groups. Tonight, someone reached out to me again and I felt guilty that I did not post this update earlier.

After deliberations and series of meetings with some older people from my church, someone was 100% ready to take Clara in. We decided to go see her father before any decision was made.

We fixed a date and went along with a married couple. Details of the meeting with her family are confidential. Eventually, Clara reconciled with her father amidst tears from everyone present. It was during this whole arrangement that I understood some things I initially did not including that her father truly loves her. I really did not want Clara to leave but she had to. The tears I shed were just uncontrollable, the other interveners wept too. It was cry galore!

Clara is doing fine just now, at least that’s what she says. I’m so sure she’s going to grow to be the great woman she was created to be.
My immense gratitude goes to Temi who took it upon herself to find sponsors for Clara. Thank you Richard and Joy for nominating me for that ambassadorial something. These two insisted that I was qualified for the nomination even though I saw nothing special in what I’ve done. It’s who I am, I am so thrilled that you believe so much in me.

Thank you Linda, Faith, Omoye and Jones for sharing. Big thanks to the church mamas who were there for me. It still feels weird when I’m on the other side of the kindness stick. For someone who plays the kind role, I still cry happy tears when I remember how kind these people were to me.
I’m so grateful, very grateful, truly grateful.

I love you all so much.


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