I am putting this post up because it is one of the most searched topics on the blog. I believe most girls have been left confused as to whether doing a High Vaginal Swab test otherwise called HVS, would take away their virginity or expose their non-virgin status. Aidee is here to the rescue. After doing two Industrial trainings in medical laboratories, I believe I know something or two about HVS. This short post is a combination of what I know as well as first hand experience for the benefit of those inquisitive people who have been directed to this blog by Google and have instead been led to this naughty post of mine instead.

High Vaginal Swab is a test that is carried out on females to determine whether or not she has any form of infection in her body. It is done by inserting a swab stick into her body through her vagina. The swab stick looks like an ear cotton bud, only longer (pictured below). The stick is enclosed in a long tube which serves as protective cover to prevent the specimen collected from getting compromised by germs. This test is painless and can also be done on virgins but not necessarily. That’s right. HVS can be done on virgins so be sure to inform your doctor that you are a virgin in case he or she forgets to ask but the real question is “does it hurt?” and the answer is “No”.

Usually the doctor tells you to take off your underwear and spread your legs while s/he puts the swab stick gently into your vagina and whirls it round to get enough fluid. Thereafter, the stick is gently taken out. It takes only a few seconds to get the sample and it is relatively painless. Virgins may feel slight tingling ovulation-like pain but that’s bearable. I wrote a post about this on a health blog that I no longer have access to but that is basically the process. If you are doing the test in a public clinic/laboratory, you will usually be given the swab stick to take the sample by yourself. This may be overwhelming if you have not done it before so you may want someone to do it for you.

Pap smear test on the other hand is not done on virgins, ever. This test may be uncomfortable is uncomfortable as you are made to spread wide your legs while a clamp is used to open up your vagina and some other stuff inserted to get samples from your cervix. Pap smear test is supposed to be done to detect cervical cancer but the process? Lord have mercy! Have you ever had a bad wound and then a someone starts scraping the surface with a blunt object while you are asleep? I cannot think of any closer analogy to use but the discomfort that pap smear brings is not one I can adequately describe, you just have to experience it. The good news is it only takes about five minutes and the ordeal is over but this should not discourage you from doing it as it has saved lives.

That’s it guys, you may leave your questions and be sure I will respond as soon as I can.


So I just spoke with a lady who had a pap smear as a virgin. It was a very traumatic experience for her. I insist pap smear should not be done on virgins, it can be traumatic even to those who are sexually active. Having that speculum all up in you and the scraping of your insides? Please no!

I love you all.




  1. thank you for the insight, i have been confused since forever. in the series “Jane the virgin” the titular character, Jane, who was a virgin, went for a pap smear test but the doctor was drunk and accidentally inseminated her instead. now you say the pap smear test cannot be performed on virgins and i refuse to believe a network such as CBS can make such huge mistake


    1. Hello Zeez, thank you for reading. I did an edit. I also have not watched the series but I doubt Jane remained a virgin after the pap smear. It is like having a penis shoved into you even with the smallest of ‘pins’.


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