On heartbreaks and suicide

There is news going round about a fifteen year old girl who committed suicide because she was heartbroken from a failed romantic relationship with a boy. Along with the condolence comments are comments about how stupid she was to have even thought of killing herself. I am hoping that someone will read this and see things from another angle rather than judge her for taking her own life.

Heartbreak is a terrible thing especially for one who is experiencing it for the first time and it is even more terrible if the heartbroken one was the one who loved in totality. The feeling, for anyone who has truly experienced it is understandably one that brings suicidal thoughts. Even as adults, not everyone can stand it but because we have overtime learned to live through it, we take it as one of those things. How do you expect a teenager to take it? Do you recall when you were younger and made many silly mistakes that you look back on and laugh? It is exactly what it is.

At some point, we may have imagined what it would feel like if we ended everything because of frustration. As a little girl, I wanted to kill myself because I thought my parents did not understand me. As an adult, I thought of suicide in the days that I spent crying over my last failed relationship. Looking back, I laugh that I even cried over him but had my friend not frequently called me for hours stretching just to distract me, I probably would have taken that stupid step and subsequently missed out on the  brilliant relationships that I have with my now awesome friends turned family.  It understandably takes years to realize how silly our emotions were but not everyone has a support system for days like this.

Teenagers have fluctuating emotions that even they cannot understand no matter how much they think that they do. I do not think these young ones should be judged or expected to understand what adults do. They should be allowed to live through this phase and grow into adulthood without pressure. Being a teenager alone comes with its own pressure from peers and society. Whether she committed suicide because of a boy or because she was pregnant, whatever her reasons were does not warrant insensitive comments. We should in stead understand that teenagers need to be supported and guided through that phase.

So tell me, have you at any point had a suicidal thought?



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  1. Since teenagers are still developing physiologically and psychological, such experiences are usually a first for them. That’s why it’s advised for parents to be there for their children.

    At certain points in our lives, we thought if we didn’t get what we wanted we wouldn’t survive. I remember when I wrote SSCE, thoughts of what I would do if I failed was all I had. Now, I’ve even forgotten I wrote the exams.


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