Being 26 – Memoirs

I had other things planned for 26, you know? Have a child, build a house, start work on my school building project etc. Life said otherwise, which is why I do not dwell on long term goals.
For weeks, Passenger’s song ‘Scare away the dark’ has been on replay on my music playlist because the lyrics remind me to live. Living seems hard when there is so much going in your life, from the pressure of domestic responsibilities to the pressure of keeping up with the world. It gets hard really but taking it a step at a time has its benefits.

Twenty six came as a shock, it came when I wasn’t prepared, when I was busy. Following advice from well meaning friends, I took a vacation back home but even there, I worked. I guess it all boils down to what Dad used to say, ‘work in the morning of your life so that you enjoy in the afternoon and evening of your life’.

I had a chat with my good friend, Mimi when I thought of setting up a second company and hiring a manager.

“You’re so industrious, Deedee”, she said. “You shouldn’t let it go to waste”.

“Thank you Mims. I don’t think I believe in myself as much as people believe in me. Always feels like I am not doing enough.”

“You’ve set yourself a high standard, and that’s okay but don’t let it keep you from how far you’ve come and how well you’ve done even if you haven’t done everything you’ve done yet or gotten to where you want to be.” Mimi continued, “It’s all just a matter of time, Deedee, and in the meantime, you’ve done well.”

I believe Mimi and the many others who say that I have done well so far. I’ve learned to set one milestone at a time and in fairness to me, I have exceeded the milestone for this year which included getting my company officially listed. I however still feel that I’m not doing enough and this is so silly because I tell people to relax and take things slow.

There are so many lessons that I have learned, so many that I do not have any space in my diary to write them all out. Regardless, it’s a good year because I say it is and hopefully, all I’m documenting on this blog which I created as a seventeen year old clueless girl who needed to vent, will be there in history as the memoirs of a brilliant young dreamer who conquered the world.


Sing at the top of your voice

Love without fear in your heart

Feel like you still have a choice

If we all light up, we can scare away the dark – Passenger


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