I have had the opportunity to speak with some frustrated young people who openly express their willingness to go into criminal activities due to the hard situation of the country. It is particularly disturbing because I am also young and can only imagine what it is like to feel left out and because not everyone has enterprising skills, some of them resort to crimes ranging from kidnappings to ritual killings in order to meet their basic needs.

Telling them to create jobs only brings in another argument – Opportunity. They do not have access to loans and grants. All they have are dreams and no opportunity to live it. When you give them examples of youths who went ahead against all odds to do the right thing,they say these people have money and the right connections. Even I am learning.

It looks like the right time for me to do this. I am thankful to the blog subscribers who stayed faithful. I am also looking forward to the day the blog will reach it’s first million visitor and from all indications, this will happen this year.

So there is now an assistant manager for the blog because I have to go take care of some of my other projects. Also, we are tailoring the purpose of the blog and adding new segments including an INTERVIEW segment which will feature one young person every week who will talk about his/her business and how s/he was able to go through with it despite the challenges.

Personally, I understand all these challenges and telling jobless and depressed youths about my struggles may not be enough so I want as many people as possible to learn just as I am learning.

Featured people will not only be from Nigeria. If you have any one in mind you want us to interview, kindly leave us a message or send a mail and we’ll do all we can to get them on the blog.
Thank you again for subscribing and for the wonderful comments and mails.

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