The compound where my apartment is located has about ten flats. I am the only unmarried tenant and I can only recognize two of my neighbours. Everyone minds his business.  However, I couldn't help but notice a certain neighbour of mine. Dude has a son who is extremely introverted. When all the children come out … Continue reading GROWING UP, GROWING OUT.



The story... The man once told the  lady that he loved her, and his confession caused the ignition of the love she eventually had for him. With him, the world stood still. A love that could lead to a union, maybe a child or three. So she lived for him, putting away most that would … Continue reading STORY STORY


She looks like she is thinking. I wonder whether she has gotten another round of beating from her husband who, by the way has wooed me before. I'm staring at her, while walking slowly and mumbling inaudible things to myself when someone pushes me, I look, it's her first son. He must be 5 or 6 years old, her younger son soon follows and I hear shouts of 'aunty oyoyo'. I want to push them away. 'Who is your aunty?', I want to say. But I force a fake smile and try to manoeuvre my way past them.