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On Saturday, 15th April 2016, I took the trip to Kaduna for the first time despite the crisis in the state. Prior to going there, on Friday which was the previous day, I had told Ruth about my intentions to go to Kaduna as I heard that I could get a variety of packaging bottles with pretty covers for my coconut oil. I had searched the big markets in Abuja but could not find a supplier for my bottles so I used this reason as an excuse to kill three birds with a stone – use the modern train, get new bottles and increase the number of Nigerian states I have traveled to.

Ruth wanted to be my travel partner and so I instructed her to be early as we would use the morning train. I proceeded, that night to go visit my guys in Kubwa where I usually spend my weekends.

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I was totally unaware of the special significance of today until I visited the health centre. Initially, I noticed there weren’t as many cars parked outside as usual, so I heaved a sigh of relief as it meant, to me that I would’t have to wait too long to see a doctor. Was I wrong? There were so many patients in the waiting lobby and no doctor! One of the doctors finally arrived and grumbled because she saw the number of people waiting. She then said she was only going to attend to emergencies. My case was a matter of emergency, it just was a personal emergency. That said, I finally was attended to after pulling some really strong strings.

I would have gone to visit my siblings in their campus, but my ever travelling sister was on the road and my brother’s cell wasn’t going through. I settled, instead for shopping for my kid brother pending when I would see him. Apparently, I’m not home-sick as others. I’m not looking forward to visiting home in a long while.

So, I’m at work, chewing gum and hoping I don’t lose my tooth. The usual headache knocking and slight nausea. It’s been a boring Easter celebration so far. I can’t wait to finish my examination.

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