How to be a real Nigerian man 

My friend John is a real man. The other day, he slapped Funke his wife for daring to put too much salt in his porridge. Can't blame him, like why would she even make such a silly mistake and claim she was tired after a long day at work? Was she not the one who [...]



​The first time I visited Abuja, it was for love. Not love for the city but love for a man and I do believe that's a good enough reason to travel miles and risk one's life, yes? Yes. When I eventually fell in love with the city, it was partly because I was in love with [...]

His inhumanity to her

Had you known, you would hold her so dear. You would never let her go. Your ego took over your reasoning when you pushed her out of your mansion which you built with your 'hard earned money'. Hard earned money you said, forgetting she was the brain behind it. Had she not pushed you to [...]