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On heartbreaks and suicide

There is news going round about a fifteen year old girl who committed suicide because she was heartbroken from a failed romantic relationship with a boy. Along with the condolence comments are comments about how stupid she was to have even thought of killing herself. I am hoping that someone will read this and see things from another angle rather than judge her for taking her own life. Read the rest of this entry »

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​Furious tears from broken heart

Hid deftly with courtly smile

Perfect world fallen apart

Healing shall surely be a while. 
Aidee (November 13, 2015)

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This was first published as a Facebook note in 2011.

They had the best of times, and the worst. Both scaled through tough times, and kissed when it was good.
In him, she found a companion. In her, he found a sweetheart; loving, patient and of course, naughty. She was young and naive, he was mature and experienced but times passed and along came the hunger and thirst for more. He had not the ability to quench them. She had her short comings, he loved her as she was. But as is typical of young ones, she needed more.. More attention. She needed to feel safe with him. She felt him slipping away, she thought she deserved more. She wasn’t to blame, its how life is. 

He couldn’t meet up, he never paid attention. She needed to enjoy her youth, he couldn’t just take it all away! She had to play with fashion, flow with the tide. He had to be with his friends, spend some money, convince himself that she understood perfectly.
But she could understand no more. She was stuck with him, scared to leave, scared of change.
They deserved more, she deserved more. It had to happen, someday.
And when it happened, they both were apart.
Each wondering…. WHAT WENT WRONG?

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7 lines, 10 stanzas, 70 feet beneath earth’s surface.


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let me sing you a song
about a couple i used to know:

how he holds her chin to his,
and with no more than a kiss,
she knew he was in love with her.

let me sing you a song
about a couple i used to know.

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