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How to be a real Nigerian man 

How to be a real Nigerian man 

My friend John is a real man. The other day, he slapped Funke his wife for daring to put too much salt in his porridge. Can’t blame him, like why would she even make such a silly mistake and claim she was tired after a long day at work? Was she not the one who complained that she would rather work when John told her to stay home and be a full-time housewife? Now this?

I always said it, women should not be sent to school to study because it seems when they go ehn, their eyes will just open vaaam and they will be doing anyhow. Read the rest of this entry »


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About Aidee
Aidee spends her day making money and her evenings reading every thing readable (well-written or not) but most nights when the witches gather inside their tree houses, she lets creepy thoughts flood her mind. Thoughts like whether to trade places with a rich Yankee kid or just rob a bank or find an oyibo to marry. Join politics maybe? Find a bae?
It is that bad, you see, because this country just throws puzzles at us and it seems like the children won’t be allowed to be the leaders of tomorrow. I won’t blame anyone though.
Right now, Obiora the boutique man has carried his small Ghana-must-go of naira and found his way to China. Business will move from there. Maka, how can one explain the fall of the naira affecting everything? EVERYTHING!

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