On heartbreaks and suicide

There is news going round about a fifteen year old girl who committed suicide because she was heartbroken from a failed romantic relationship with a boy. Along with the condolence comments are comments about how stupid she was to have even thought of killing herself. I am hoping that someone will read this and see … Continue reading On heartbreaks and suicide



The reality is, no one really has the time to sit and listen every time. Everyone is on a journey to self fulfilment and therefore, hates to be drawn back by the constant 'nagging' of another. "We are on different journeys", we say, " and we wish you the best in finding your path but … Continue reading HEY YOU!


I recently stumbled on news about a 14 year old girl who committed suicide and streamed the whole process on Facebook live. Shortly after reading the news, I went ahead to do a little research on the girl and on a few others who also live-streamed their suicides.  What I find disturbing is how people … Continue reading ON DEPRESSION AND MENTAL AWARENESS

FOR THE LOVE OF MARRIAGE: A case study of Tiwa Savage.

The title might not exactly do justice to the content of this post but I've never really been good with titles so just read on. Background: I have a sister whose job is to pry into the lives of celebrities and announce to the world what is happening in the lives of these popular people … Continue reading FOR THE LOVE OF MARRIAGE: A case study of Tiwa Savage.


As long as the world exists, people will judge. They will judge based on a single story and their tongues will always be an instrument of murder! We are terribly suicidal. For the sake of those who get judged without even getting the chance to speak for themselves, I write this. The truth is, understanding … Continue reading OF JUDGMENTS, DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE